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#CatTipsTuesdays : Supporting your sleeping cat 🐱

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Fact or fiction? Cats spend 70% of their lives asleep.


FACT. Cats actually do spend anywhere from 50 to 80% of their lives asleep! This means that they are asleep for 14-18 hours per day. Senior cats and kittens can sleep up to 80 percent, whereas younger and middle-aged cats sleep for 60 to 70 percent of the day. 

Cats are naturally nocturnal animals, but we know that they don't stay up all night and sleep all day. Cats are crepuscular animals, which means that they’re most active between dusk and dawn. It’s naturally common that predator animals sleep for longer periods during the days. They sleep for many short periods of "light sleep" and a few periods of "deeper sleep". During the periods of light sleep or "cat naps", cats are pretty aware of what is going on around them. Their senses are still sharp—especially those of smell and hearing. They can move from those light naps to instant action or into one of the deeper sleep modes. 

While most cats either curl up or stretch out while they sleep, some prefer to snooze sitting up. Cats also tend to sleep more when the weather is cold, gray, or drizzly - like hoomans!

You can support your sleeping cats by getting to know them and their personal behaviours, based on what you now know about sleeping cats! They might like to cuddle beside you, be pet on their head, or sleep in a cozy cat bed 😼

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