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#CatTipsTuesdays : How To Introduce a New Cat Bed To Your Cat 🐱

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This can sometimes be a difficult task as cats are really sensitive to scents. But some tricks you can use include:
  • Putting the cat bed in a closet in your home for a few days, then putting it out in the open for your cat so that the scent of your home "sticks" to it and your cat doesn't see the bed as any sort of danger
  • Lure your cat to the bed with a treat, then wait for them to sit on the bed before giving them the treat
  • Place the cat bed in a spot with a good view or near a heater or AC (depending on your cat's preferences)
  • Leave some treats in the bed for them to discover on their own and realize how cozy the bed is!
  • Put their new bed in a spot where the humans don't normally walk to (ie: in a secluded corner, on top of a cat tree, under the human bed, etc)
  • Sprinkle some catnip on the bed to attract them to it
  • Place the cat bed in a spot where your cat would normally sleep

Choosing the RIGHT bed for your cat is a big part of it, follow us on social media or watch our website for next Tuesday's Cat Tip to learn more about the right bed for your cat.


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