Due to weather, local deliveries happening Thursday! (February 18, 2021)

Giving Back

Cozy Cats is proud to give a bed or respective monetary value to charities, shelters and organizations across North America. We love learning about the different centres nationwide and want to help as many as we can!

 When you have chosen a product, this box will appear just above where you add to cart. Type in the name of the organization you would like us to donate to, as well as the city and province where it is located. Province abbreviations are accepted. Please note that we are also donating to other countries, but we might contact you for more information should we have any issues finding the charity where you would like to donate.

Help us, help them by sharing a photo of your #CozyCats on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to help spread the word about our giving back program. The more pet owners that buy one of our beds, the more we can help centres provide warmth, comfort and care to vulnerable cats and kittens.



Thanks so much to our customers for helping us donate to the following charities:

                     Community Alley Trappers                                 Paws with a Cause     Whiskers and Alley Cats of Whitewater     Adopt a pet Pet Rescue Lucknow     


For any questions or concerns, please contact us or email Cozy Cats General Inbox


Additional information about our policies:

  • Cozy Cats only donates to animal charities, rescues and shelters. We give the recipient the option of receiving a cat bed or the monetary value.
  • Cozy Cats is proud to donate one bed for every order that has a bed. We say this to avoid customers buying one toy and asking us to donate one cat bed.
  • Cozy Cats will donate one bed with every order. However, when orders have 3 or more beds, we will donate 2 to an animal charity. When orders have 5 or more beds, we will donate 3 to an animal charity. For orders larger than 5 beds, please email Cozy Cats General Inbox
  • Cozy Cats will contact rescues individually to discuss delivery, pickup or shipping costs.
  • Cozy Cats contacts each rescue after they have received a donation for them. If we have not heard back from the rescue after 3 weeks, we send a follow-up email. However, if the organization does not answer after 6 weeks, we will allocate their donation elsewhere, like a local auction, a new rescue, a rescue in critical need, etc.
  • Cozy Cats offers local deliveries within 30km of our location in Ottawa (intersection of Bank St. & Walkley Rd.) and are happy to meet for a pickup within the radius. Please email Cozy Cats General Inbox for an arrangement like this.

    For further questions, information or clarification on the policies, please contact us or email Cozy Cats General Inbox